DK0EE - Clubstation of DARC Local Club "Eching C26"

I am a member of DARC (Deutscher Amateur Radio Club). The DARC with roughly 65.000 members consists of 24 districts plus the VfDB Club. Every district consists of several local clubs (about 1000 in Germany). Every local club has a DOK-number. The letter shows the district and the number shows the local club.
This is a map of Germany where you can see the DARC-districts:


B Franken
C Oberbayern
D Berlin
E Hamburg
F Hessen
G Köln-Aachen
H Niedersachsen
I Nordsee
K Rheinland-Pfalz
L Ruhrgebiet
M Schleswig-Holstein
N Westfalen-Nord
O Westfalen-Süd
P Württemberg
Q Saar
R Nordrhein
S Sachsen
T Schwaben
U Bayern-Ost
V Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
W Sachsen-Anhalt
X Thüringen
Y Brandenburg
Z VfDB Club
My local club is "Eching - DOK-number C26". Eching is a village with about 12.800 inhabitants and is located about 10 km north of München (Munich). Our club has nearly 100 members from Eching and the surrounding cities and villages.

If you are interested in DXing and contesting on the HF-bands, you should know DK0EE, the callsign of our local club. We got an own room with a clubstation in the basement of the Primary School in Eching.

Until spring 2007 we had the following antennas on the roof of the building:

  10/15/20 m   KLM KT-34A, 4-element Yagi, up 15 m
  12/17/30 m   Cushcraft A3WS, 3-element Yagi, up 12 m
  40 m   Dipol, up 20 m
  80 m   Dipol, up 20 m
  80/160 m   Vertical, up 10 m
  6 m   Cushcraft 5-element Yagi, up 10 m
  2m   Flexayagi, 10-element Yagi, up 13 m
  70 cm   Flexayagi, 17-element Yagi, up 11 m
  2m/70cm   Groundplane for local FM-channel
  70 cm   Yagi for Packet Cluster

In spring 2007 we had to remove all antennas due to a reconstruction of the roof. At the moment, DK0EE is not on the air! We are waiting to get a permission to build up towers for our antennas, because we are not allowed to use the roof anymore. Hopefully we can build up all the antennas on towers again!

Here are some impressions of DK0EE's radio shack

The HF-station consists of a transceiver Yaesu FT-990 and a transceiver Icom IC-706MKIIG (specially used for 50 MHz).

A homebrew amplifier with 2 x 3-500Z triodes delivers full legal power on the HF-bands. 

For RTTY a Tono Theta 7000 is used and a Computer helps us with logging, printing our QSL-labels and internet-access.

The VHF/UHF-station consists of a transceiver Yaesu FT-726R.

We use amplifiers for 2m (Tokyo HyPower HL250V25) and for 70 cm (homebrew).

Several pre-amplifiers and sequencers are in use.

For Packet Radio we are able to use 1200 and 9600 baud with Symtec-TNCs and a 70 cm transceiver Standard C7800.

For the local FM-channels on 2m and 70cm we are using an Icom IC-2400E. 

There is also the possibility to work ATV with a homebrew transceiver.
DK0EE is also very active in contests. We reached good results in all major contests like CQWW, CQWPX, ARRL-Contest, WAE, IARU-Contest, IARU-Fieldday and many more. We also take part  regularly in the German Club-Championship with usually good results. 

Maybe this photo shows also the secret of our success (on the left, hi).

We didn't catch the fish during our "fishing for DX" - this was a gift from our good friend Alex, W2OX (ex President from Frankford Radio Club, USA)

There are also a lot of social activities in our club. There is an official meeting once every month and in December we are celebrating a Christmas-Party with St. Nikolaus (Santa Claus). The clubroom is used for homebrew activities and regular meetings especially from the DX- and contest crew. From time to time we take part at official events from the community.

The social highlight every year is the traditional fieldday in summer. All the members and a lot of guests from other clubs and even from overseas are coming together for 4 days to have a good time with camping, eating, drinking ... and sometimes with hamradio, hi!


If you want to get more informations, please visit the homepage of OV Eching C26