thank you for visiting my homepage. I want to give you some informations about me and my hamradio interests and activities.
My name is Thomas "Tom" Platz. I was born 1964 in Bavaria, Germany. I am living in Karlshuld, a small village 65 km north north west of Munich in South Germany. 1990 I finished my studies in Printing Technics. Several years I worked as an engineer in a printing office. After some further professional training I am now self-employed in occupational health and safety business
My first contact with hamradio I had in 1979 when I bought a small CB-Radio. But this was not very exciting and I decided to become a radio amateur. Without any help I learned for the examination and got my amateur-radio licence and the callsign DL4MCF in 1982 at the age of 18. Since 1997 I am also licensed with the U.S.-Alaska callsign AL0C.

DL4MCF at the multiplier station at DF3CB's shack during CQWWDX-Contest 2001
During the first 3 years of my amateur-radio "carreer" I made a lot of ragchew QSOs mostly in SSB.
In 1985 I started to work also in RTTY. In 1986, my good friends Bernd (DF3CB) and Helmut (DK6WL) inspired me for DXing and contesting and since this time I am getting more and more crazy in these things.
In 1987 I learned to use my morse key again after nearly 5 years without it. Now I have no favourite mode, and I am working CW, SSB and RTTY with the same intensitiy.
If you want to know more about my success in DXing, please click here 

DL4MCF and OH2BH discussing about DX at the BCC-booth at HAM RADIO convention 2003 
Until now I made about 150.000 QSOs with my own callsign and several 10.000 QSOs with other calls from clubstations,  in contests and on DXpeditions. I like to get QSL cards and nearly 50.000 cards are already in my collection.  
I took part in many contests with my own call and also with other calls like DK0EE, DA0BV, DL0CS, LX7A, TK1A, RW2F, 5B4BCC, TK5NN, 9Y4NW, CN8WW, A61AJ and more. . You can find some contest scores here !

The 20m-SSB Team of CN8WW SSB 2000 (Multi/Multi World Record !)
I am a member of  BCC (Bavarian Contest Club), one of the most successful contest clubs in Europe. I like to collect awards and I am a member of DIG (Diplom Interessen Gruppe, Nr. 3564). For supporting Dxpeditions I am a member of German DX Foundation (GDXF). Like most german radio amateurs, I am also a member of DARC (Deutscher Amateur Radio Club) and I am spending a lot of time in our local radio club in Eching near Munich (DK0EE).
So look around a little bit on these sites and find some more informations about me.  

vy 73 de Thomas, DL4MCF